Airborne Trooper Training Complex

Designed for individual and group wing-type parachute operations training, the Airborne Trooper Training Complex (ATTC) replicates the entire parachute jump from exit to landing in the designated spot subject to the preselected initial conditions and control toggle inputs, including simulation of non-routine situations. Joining a group of simulators together, the ATTC enables practicing of operations with up to 12 trainees landing in the same area, day and night, under normal and adverse weather conditions

Training capabilities:

  • mastering of initial parachute control skills;

  • acquirement of sustained methodologically correct parachute control techniques at various stages of the jump;

  • group parachute operations training;

  • practicing of landings behind buildings and constructions, in built-up and forest areas, landings on water surface, fields and hill/mountain slopes;

  • practicing of correct reserve parachute engagement techniques in the case of various main parachute malfunctions;

  • monitoring of trainees’ actions during each phase of the simulated jump and training session debriefing;

  • practicing of jumps with different types of parachutes and under various conditions;

  • monitoring of the trainee calculating the jump according to the preselected parameters.

Special features:

To boost psychological readiness for potentially stressful situations at the ground training stage, the ATTC enables practicing of reserve parachute engagement techniques (for various parachute types) in the following emergency situations:

  • canopy distortion;

  • end cell closures;

  • slider hang-up;

  • main chute bag lock;

  • suspension line twists;

  • suspension line ruptures.

Visual system:

The ATTC visual system is a hardware and software module comprising specialized software, visual system computers and a helmet with stereoscopic virtual reality goggles.

The ATTC is the first system to employ the latest version of Constanta-Design's Zarnitsa image generation software, which provides highly detailed rendering of objects near the ground. Besides that, Zarnitsa provides high-quality representation of the paratrooper and the canopy itself, offering various animation features that enable simulation of most crucial failures.

The ATTC has already passed state testing with a recommendation for serial manufacturing issued.
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