Paratrooper Simulator

CSTS Dinamika developed a Paratrooper Simulator intended to realistically reproduce paratrooper motion in the air (including free fall with no parachute deployed and descent with a deployed parachute as a function of predefined conditions and toggle control effects) from launch to landing in the selected spot.

The simulator allows the following:

  • acquirement of initial parachute control skills;
  • systematic practicing of parachute control skills;
  • step-by-step drilling of paratrooper procedures during a parachute mission.

Outer view generation software package includes the following:

  • Raduga KD image generation software;
  • 3D objects database;
  • virtual reality scene representing relief of a 300 km × 300 km area according to the digital mapping data from the geographic information system Panorama.

The Paratrooper Simulator allows setup of parameters for a variety of parachute systems and sport parachutes with a forward landing speed over 11 m/sec. What is important, the simulator includes a feature that enables practicing of reserve parachute deployment (for various parachute systems) under such failure conditions as canopy distortion, end cell closures, broken suspension lines, slider hang-up, etc. The simulator’s Instructor Operation Station (IOS) allows connection of a series of simulators in a network thus enabling group training sessions for 5 to 16 students practicing landings on the same site around the clock under normal and adverse weather conditions.

The Paratrooper Simulator was built in cooperation with Constanta-Design to complete an order from RusParachute, Ltd.

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