External load Operator Station

CSTS Dinamika is proud to offer a unique in-house solution for training of external load operators. Load transportation is a peculiar type of flying missions particularly important for numerous operators such as geological survey, rescue missions, construction works, etc.

Piloting a helicopter with an external load offers quite a number of peculiar features that make this type of cargo operations much more hazardous. Medium-weight helicopters normally have a design that prevents pilots from seeing the external load through the cockpit glazing, which requires a perfect coordination of procedures of the pilot and load operator who watches the load through the cargo cabin door.

Our helicopter experts have solved major problems of simulating the external load dynamics:

Math model of the external load – helicopter interrelated dynamic behaviour;

Stereoscopic view of the external load against the underlying surface matching that seen by the pilot in the cockpit.

This trainer is made to replicate the real helicopter cargo cabin. The collimating optics produces a stereo view of the load in the cabin door to enable stereoscopic sensations and training in precise handling of the load.
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