Front-line aviation gunlayer part-task simulator

Front-line aviation gunlayer part-task simulator as the training complex component is intended to practice coordination procedures between land forces and air units during ground fire guidance and adjustment.

This simulator serves to train and monitor the progress of the front-line aviation gunlayer according to the Land Forces combat training programs.

Front-line aviation gunlayer operation station enables the following capabilities:

- observation of the battlefield area, visually and with optical instruments;

- fixing the front-line aviation gunlayer position on a large-scale map;

- moving about the place to select a suitable location for helicopters operation control;

- practicing communication techniques and visual targeting, marking the battlefield forward the edge and marking friendly forces on the map.

The pilot’s workstation comprises:

- displays to imitate the helicopters instrument panel and out-of-cockpit visual system;

- a four-channel joystick to imitate the flight controls.

There is an option to substitute the pilot’s workstation with either a full mission or a part-task simulator for different aircraft to provide enhanced training opportunities for the aircrews and front-line aviation gunlayers, enabling them to train their tactical co-ordination skills.

For instance, this option is provided for the Mi-24 flying crew and front-line aviation gunlayer to provide joint training to master their tactical coordination skills.

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