Mi-28N Flight Mission Device

In 2009 Dinamika has developed the Mi-28N FMS for RF MoD. The device was designed to help pilots in training for basic tasks on piloting, navigation and combat missions. The main methodological capabilities of the Mi-28N FMS are piloting within the entire envelope of flight altitude and speed using night vision goggles; en-route instrument flying; training in application of standard weapons and emergency procedures as well in coordination of crew members, etc.

The sim is a full replica of the Mi-28N cockpit. The visual system comprises Constanta-Design IG and a 6-channel projection & spherical screen complex with a FOV 1400H x 620V, FLIR and NVG imitators.

The simulator is to be run in Torzhok Army aviation Combat training and Conversion Training Centre.

Certificate of the RF MoD Chkalov State Flight Test Center № 25/109105-06.

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