Mi-24PN Round-O’clock part-task simulator

This trainer serves to train pilots in handling Mi-24PN avionics for the day and night navigation and combat missions. It also allows assessment of the crew progress in the course of training.

The cockpit is equipped with instrument panels, equipment, and side panels thus making it an exact replica of the real helicopter cockpit both in terms of appearance and functionality. Cockpit controls are either real ones or their replica.

The visual system contains:

  • one-channel projector system to enable a field of view of no less than 40° H and 30° V for each crew member (resolution of minimum 1280 x 1024 pixels, update frequency 30 Hz);
  • IR out-of-cockpit view imaging;
  • NVG imitator comprising virtual reality goggles and a laser tracker.

The Mi-24 PN trainer is supposed to be integrated into the CBT class facilitites.

Works done in cooperation with TsAGI and The Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant.

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