Il‑112V Part-task Simulator

The simulator prototype Il-112V is intended for the evaluation and verification of major technical decisions in the Il‑112V Part-task Simulator development program. In particular, the prototype will be used to test the simulator’s flight dynamics model, research stability and controllability of the Il‑112V airplane with a new flight control system at various flight stages and verify technical solutions for the simulator’s visual and control loading systems.

The prototype features a replica of the real Il‑112V cockpit with the left and right pilot’s seats and prototype flight and engine controls (control columns, pedals, throttle control, wing flap and landing gear controls, ground handling controls). The trainer’s visuals are provided by a four-channel optical collimation system with computer-based image generation and a FOV of at least 80°H×28°V for each pilot. The delivery set includes a virtual reality scene covering an area of 1,000 m2×1,000 m2 based on digital cartography data.

CSTS Dinamika has completed the Il‑112V Part-task Simulator prototype and delivered the system to its user, JSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex. The project was commissioned under the high-wing light military transport aircraft development contract between the RF MoD and Ilyushin.

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