MiG-29 Full Mission Simulator (RAC MiG Engineering Center)

CSTS Dinamika has completed works on a MiG-29 full flight sim for the Training & Demonstration Center of the MiG Russian Aircraft Corp. Engineering Center. This sim is supposed to help flying crews master various piloting techniques and combat missions, as well as acquire steady habits and skills in handling MiG-29 onboard equipment.

The sim’s cockpit is made of a real aircraft’s nose section (cut to the fifth frame) and equipped with a full set of standard control levers, instrument panels, switch boards, or equipment imitators. The control levers are loaded through the control loading system.

The visual system contains:

  • Image generation complex (resolution of 1248 х 1024, update frequency 30 fps at the minimum);
  • Three optics collimators to enable continuous out-of-cockpit viewing for the pilot FOV (129°H x 28°V).

The part-task trainer enables either initial independent training of pilots or “formation flight” training serving a wingman for the main cockpit pilot.

This MiG-29 full flight sim passed state testing by RF AF State Flight Testing Center.

The MiG-29 FFS is a joint development of CSTS Dinamika in cooperation with GosNIIAS (State Research Institute of Aviation Systems) and MiG Russian Aircraft Corporation.

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