L-39 Full Mission Simulator

The L-39 full mission sim enables the trainees to master piloting techniques through the entire flight regime envelope in the real cockpit environments and with all the airborne systems on. The training curriculum covers normal operating conditions, combat maneuvering beyond the flight limits and various emergencies due to equipment and systems failures, piloting errors, or adverse weather conditions.

The aircraft flight dynamics is real-time simulated including:

  • all operating & critical conditions and in emergencies as stipulated in L-39 Flight Manual;
  • all flight stages from engine starting before the takeoff to shutdown after the aircraft has been landed;
  • various environmental and weather conditions (atmospheric temperature, pressure and humidity, under different wind direction and speed, in icing conditions, etc.);
  • dynamic effects and impacts due to the application of standard weapons;
  • realistic trim characteristics and transients obtained from the L-39 aircraft flight tests.

There are two principal options available for the visual system (out-of-cockpit view): a three-channel optics collimation system or nine-channel projector visual system furnished with a spherical screen.

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