Mi-8MTV Flight Training Device

Training Capabilities:

- Practicing piloting tasks in a real-world cockpit interior and all instruments, avionics and indicators on,

- Mastering flight procedures over the flight envelope, day and night, under normal and adverse weather conditions

- Landing on a confined area outside the airfield in snow or dust whirling of various severity;

- Practicing of aircrew procedures recovering from non-routine and emergency situations including pilot-induced emergencies;

- LOFT training;

- CRM training.


The simulators cockpits are real-world helicopter flight compartments complete with control panels, controls, pilots workstations, indicators, avionics and other simulated and stimulated equipment.

Visual system:

- Six-channel projector and partial dome display with a FOV 240Hx70V.

- Raduga CD IG offers high-resolution textures of the underlying surface, high-fidelity 3D objects and diversity of special effects typical of flight.

Optional Features:

Remote Instructor Operating Station (RIOS) enables additional monitoring and crew performance analysis capability, introduction and change of flight conditions, failures and malfunctions.


CSTS Dinamika in cooperation with Constanta Design Ltd. and Moscow MIL Helicopter Plant.
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