Mi-8MTV Forester Flight Training Device

The Мi-8МТV Forester FTD is designed to enable effective training of the helicopter crews for rescue and environmentally-oriented missions including smoke chasing over forestlands. The Mi-8MTV Forester offers the trainees a real-world helicopter cockpit with fully equipped interior and with all onboard equipment and controls. The FTD enables training for the entire operational envelope and emergency procedures due to malfunctions and failures, piloting errors, and adverse weather conditions.

The Mi-8MTV Forester FTD is composed of the cockpit module, computer complex, visual and acoustics systems, IOS, power distribution unit, spares and tools and operational publications.

The math model of the Mi-8MTV helicopter dynamics includes aerodynamic characteristics of the main and tail rotors obtained from the OEM – the MIL Moscow Helicopter Plant, math models of the powerplant, landing gear and autopilot and have been verified according to the flight test data.

The visual system is a 6-channel projector & partial-dome complex providing a field of view of 220°H by 70°V. The image generator is based on COTS IBM-compatible computers, with a resolution of 1600х1200 and update frequency of 50 Hz. The simulated flight region (300 х 300 km) offers a high-resolution texture to provide a capability of visual monitoring over the forestry state, detect red steers, combustion sources, smokes, flames, etc.

The Mi-8MTV Forester FTD is provided with a capability for integration with the sling-load operator part-task trainer (SLOPTT). Being typical of most multipurpose transport helicopters nowadays, the sling load extends greatly their functional capabilities. On the other hand, piloting with a sling load offers a number of challenges and calls for special training in coordination between the crew and the sling-load operator who handles with the load watching it through the cargo door of the cargo compartment. The SLOPTT math model incorporates simulation of the two-mass system dynamics. The stereoscopic visual system of the SLOPTT offers generation of various sling loads against the underlying surface within a common simulated scene.

The Mi-8MTV Forester FTD is developed in cooperation with the Constanta-Design, Ltd. and Moscow MIL Helicopter Plant.

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