Mi-8MTV-5 Full Mission Simulator

The Mi-8MTV-5 FMS enable mastering the whole envelope of piloting and combat missions in real cockpit environment with the help of all airborne systems. The simulation envelope includes both normal operating flight conditions, combat maneuvering and emergency situations due to failures, piloting errors or adverse environmental conditions. The FMS enable training for tactical employment of aviation destruction means using the real-cockpit interior.

Visual system comprises an eight-channel projector system with spherical screen providing FOV of 2400H by 710V. Developed by a Russian company Constanta-Design “Raduga-CD” image generation SW offers a high-resolution underlying surface and simulates practically all real objects as well as such visual effects as light dispersion in the atmosphere, 3D fog and clouding, soft dynamic shadows, snow and dust vortexes, etc.

For the first time the Mil-8 family has been provided with a capability for integration with the night goggles imitators. Another distinctive feature of the new Mi-8MTV-5 FMS is a weather radar imitator 8A813C of the 4th series.

The FMS is developed with the help of LLC Constanta-Design (IG).

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