Mi-8AMTSh Full Mission Simulator

Training Capabilities
  • practicing of piloting and combat missions including assault by means of air-launched weapons in a real cockpit environment with all the on-board systems operating;
  • pilot training for around-the-clock flights including operations under normal and adverse weather conditions over the whole flight envelope;
  • practicing of aircrew procedures landing on a confined area outside the airdrome under snow or dust whirling of various severity;
  • practicing of aircrew procedures recovering from non-routine and emergency situations including those resulting from piloting errors.
The Simulator’s cockpit is identical to the real helicopter’s standard cockpit and fully equipped with imitated instruments,
control panels, seats, controls, etc.

Visual System
  • eight-channel projector and spherical dome display system with a FOV of 240°Hх71°V;
  • computer-generated out-of-cockpit vision with highly detailed underlying terrain and a possibility of displaying any real objects and special effects including dispersion of sunlight in the atmosphere, volumetric fog and clouds, soft dynamic shadows, dust and snow whirling, etc.

In order to incorporate real-life NVG, the Mi-8AMTSh cockpit is night-vision adapted. 

It also incorporates imitators for the weather radar and MFD.


CSTS Dinamika in cooperation with Constanta Design Ltd. and Moscow MIL Helicopter Plant. 

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