Mi-35M Full Mission Simulator

The Mi-35M Night Operations Capable Full-Mission Simulator enables practicing all operational conditions according to the established training and conversion training programs and Flight Manual in the real-world cockpit interior and standard controls and pedals, etc.

The Mi-35M FMS is designed to enable crew training in normal and emergency procedures, day and night, throughout the flight envelope, and at combat maneuvering. The emergency procedures include technical failures, piloting errors, and adverse weather.

The visual system:

  • image generator (resolution of 1600х1200 pixels, update frequency of 50 Гц);
  • six-channel projection & screen complex with a dome to provide a realistic field of view typical of this helicopter;
  • FLIR imitator;
  • NVG imitator incorporating a virtual imaging device and optical tracker.

The FLIR and NVG imitator software simulates typical infrared effects such as temperature of objects, light sources arrangement and intensity subject to time of day, and characteristics of real-world FLIR and NVG devices.

The aiming device optical channel provides viewing of missile launch and displays graphical symbols in the real-world ocular.

The design contains two helmet-mounted NVG imitators based on COTS virtual reality goggles. An optical tracker comprises two principal components: one is mounted on the helmet to follow the pilot’s sight, and the other one mounted in the cockpit serves the receiver.

Instructor Operation Stations provide instructors with the every control tool and ensure capability of monitoring and controlling the training sessions.

The Mi-35M FMS is a cooperative project with the MIL Moscow Helicopter Plant, ROSTVERTOL JSC, TsAGI, and Constanta-Design Ltd.

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