Mi-17V-5 Full Mission Simulator

Standard helicopter cockpit is used

Visual system:

• 6-channel spherical projection-display complex with FOV 240оH х 70оV;

• standard night vision goggles for night-time visualization.

Simulator can be supplied independently or as part of training complex

In the network of military-technical cooperation new integrated training complex was put into service in Nicaragua to train flight crews of troop-carrying transport helicopter Mi-17V-5 developed in Dinamika against order of Nicaragua Air Force.

Training complex comprises:

• KTV-Mi-17V-5 Full Mission Simulator that enables training piloting, navigation and combat missions with air weapons in the whole range of heights and speed, at daytime and at night, in easy and difficult weather conditions, as well as training emergencies;

Part Task simulator for training flight crews’ initial skills of operating cockpit equipment at different stages of training and flight performance, as well as mastering all types of flight training in pair with KTV-Mi-17V-5;

• External load operation station developed to train crew members cooperation while transporting cargo on external load, as well as to master fire fighting skills using helicopter bucket;

• Paratrooper simulator developed to train troopers that enables training in handling parachute and emergencies, etc.

• Mi-17V-5 CBT for flight crew and maintenance staff.

Specialists of CSTS Dinamika executed start-up and adjustment work of Mi-17V-5 training complex, as well as training of Nicaragua Air Force flight crews and maintenance staff who received such a high-level training complex for the first time. Training complex provides aviation personnel with the whole cycle of ground training in real conditions.

In 2014 training will be performed during 480 hours. The main emphasis will be on young generation pilots who don’t have much real flights experience and for whom qualitative ground training will become a major safety factor and efficient operation of helicopters of this type.
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