Mi-171 Flight Training Device

The simulator was developed by CSTS Dinamika for Helicopter Training Point (HTP Ostrava CZ, Czech Republic).

The Mi-171 FTD enables training for piloting and navigational mission in the entire operational envelope and in a real-world Mi-171 cockpit equipped with standard helicopter controls. The visual system comprises IG and an 8-channel projection & spherical screen complex with a FOV 2100H x 600V. The complex provides the ground effect and simulates practically every type of objects and visual effects such as landscapes, vegetation, season, lightning, clouds, fog, dust or snow vortexes. The sim enables training of emergencies, failures, pilot errors and poor weather conditions. . The Express-Analysis of Trainees Progress (EATP©) is also a new system integrated into the IOS software providing the instructor with a means of objective assessment of the trainee advancement. The EATP© is aimed to assess trainee’s control inputs and piloting procedures, register erroneous actions and analyze their occurrence and gravity, etc.

The FTD is to be certified for compliance with the JAR standards by autumn 2010.

The simulator is developed with the help of LLC Constanta-Design (IG).

The Mi-171 FTD is run in the training center HTP Ostrava CZ since April 2010.
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