Ка-52 Full Mission Simulator

The Ka-52 FMS enables training of flying crews of this new Kamov multipurpose all-weather helicopter. This brand-new development of CSTS Dinamika has been done under a contract with Kamov JSC awarded in 2010. rpose all-weather helicopter in 2010.

The Ka-52 FMS offers comprehensive training capabilities for piloting, navigation, and combat missions both within the operational envelope and at emergencies due to technical failures, piloting errors and/or severe weather, etc.

The similar cockpit is a complete replica of the real-world production helicopter in terms of cockpit geometry and layout, instrument panels, controls, etc. The simulator controls are stimulated Ka-52 standard controls.

The visual system comprises a six channel projector & partial dome display complex, IG, and an NVG imitator to enable a field of view of − 90° ÷ +90° in horizontal view and −30° ÷ +53° in vertical view. The NVG hardware contains a virtual reality goggles, visualization computer, and laser tracker while the dedicated software generates realistic night images. The acoustics simulation still adds fidelity to the training sessions.

Within the cooperative project, the Kamov, JSC supplied CSTS Dinamika with the data package and Constanta-Design, Ltd. provided image generator for the out-of-window environments.

Along with the full-mission simulator, the Ka-52 training complex comprises а CBT system for theoretical education of the trainees.
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