SSJ-100 Full Flight Simulator

The SSJ-100 FFS is designed to train crews for piloting, navigation and operation of airborne systems and avionics as well as emergency procedures in accordance with the Flight Manual. According to the contract the flight simulator is designed to comply with Level VII ICAO 9625 is. 2009. 

The cockpit is an exact replica of the real-world aircraft in terms of geometry, interior, and lightning as well as instrument panels, avionics, and cockpit layout.

The 3-channel collimated visual system provides a continuous and seamless field of view 200°H x 40°V for each pilot.

The motion cueing is provided by a 6DOF new-generation hydraulic motion system.

Despite the severe contractual terms, the SSJ-100 FFS appeared a successful result of a wide cooperation with the Russian and international manufacturers (Barco Int., SCAC. LLC, Aerostyle Ltd., etc.). As a prime contractor, CSTS Dinamika developed the general concept and integrated the project. 

SSJ-100 FFS is installed in the Training Center of the Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School (UHCAS)

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