Su-34 Full Mission Simulator

The full replica of the cockpit, the Su-34 Full Mission Simulator enables training of flight crew cooperation in the cockpit, handling with the pilot-cockpit interface, the powerplant, aircraft systems and onboard equipment and avionics during the training process and accomplishing the flight missions. The visual system is a 4-channel optical-collimation system with computer image generation that provides continuous and conjoint out-of-the-cockpit view with FOV of 86ºH x 28ºV for each member of the crew. The IOS enable to guide the training process and to evaluate the trainees’ actions with the help of EATP.

The simulator is run in the 4th Lipetsk Aviation Combat Training and Conversion Training Center named after V.P.Chkalov.

The simulator is developed with the help of LLC Constanta-Design (IG).

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