Su-33 Full Mission Simulator

The Su-33 full-mission simulator enables comprehensive crew training and acquiring correct skills and habits in instruments handling.

The modular-architecture math model includes a complete dynamic model of the Sukhoi-33 and its controls system to enable simulation throughout the flight envelope and operational conditions. It also considers for the aircraft dynamic response within the range of stall and post-stall angles of attack (the vertical stall, Cobra, and spin aerobatic maneuvers).

The out-of-cockpit view comprises three classical optics collimators, powerful COTS computers and GeForce graphic accelerators (1280х1024 in resolution, update frequency at least 30 frames per second).

The model of the weapon control system helps imitate all standard types of suspensions and simulate various combat conditions.

Provision is made for further integration into a higher-level simulation facility, e.g. connection to other aircraft simulators or flight operation group simulators.

This simulator is developed in cooperation with TsAGI, Sukhoi Design Bureau, and GosNIIAS.
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