Su-24M Full Mission Simulator

Training capabilities:

  • practicing navigation, piloting and combat missions in realistic flight conditions, in solo flight and within a formation (networked to the Su-24 PTT);
  • envelope flying including instrument and visual flight procedures, day and night, under normal and adverse weather conditions;
  • emergency procedures due to technical failures and pilot errors.

The simulators cockpit is a replica of the real-world aircraft cockpit in terms of geometry, interior, layout, and functionality complete with standards controls, instrument panels, indicators, switches, catapult seats mockups, etc.

Visual system: 4-channel optics collimation visual system and Raduga CD image generation enable a FOV 86Hx28V for each crewmember.

This simulator features a networking capability to build up a high-end HLA-based training complex supporting diversity of object-model simulators within one synthetic environment.

This simulator is developed in cooperation with  the Sukhoi Design Bureau, and Constanta Design Ltd. 

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