MiG-31 Full Mission Simulator

The MiG-31 FMS enables training of the crews for a full complex of piloting and combat missions to be carried out in solo and formation flights as they are defined by the MiG-31 Flight Manual. This FMS offers unique operational and methodological capabilities for training in day and night-time missions in normal and adverse weather, identifying emergency symptoms and practicing countermeasures and recoveries.

The MiG-31 FMS comprises a cockpit module, visual system, acoustics system, computer complex, IOS, auxiliary workstation for the crew, software package, power distribution unit, spares and tools, and operational publications.

The MiG-31 FMS enables training in creating the flight mission, pre-flight procedures and checks, engine test and start, taxiing, running, takeoff and climb in VFR and adverse weather, day or night, contact conditions of the underlying terrain and horizon and instrument flying throughout the operational envelope and at critical flight conditions, combat missions with various bomb and missile attachments, intermediate approach, landing procedures and landing, both visual and radio-aided, target search, identification, and detection, sighting and airborne weapons application, flight maneuvers and aerobatics, weapons control in combat missions, formation flights and combat missions, two-way radio-communications, emergency procedures according to the MiG-31 Flight Manual.

The MiG-31 FMS can be delivered with different types of visual system: 

  • 5-channel projector & cylinder screen complex, projectors enable a resolution of 1280х1024, and FOV (200°H x 60°V);
  • 3- channel optics collimation visual system to enable continuous out-of-cockpit viewing for the pilot FOV (129°H x 28°V).

The auxiliary workstation is intended for training in formation flying and missions, aircraft-to-aircraft navigation, formation command, and tandem piloting.

The MiG-31 FMS is designed in cooperation with the RAC MiG, JSC and Constanta-Design, Ltd.

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