Research Sim for the Development of Pilot-Cockpit Interface for New Generation Fighters

This research simulation complex is designed to support the development of pilot-cockpit interface (PCI) with the purpose of an optimum presentation of flight data and control parameters. It enables the following tasks and missions: 

  • SW development and debugging
  • Flight simulation tasks (experiments);
  • Introduction of flying missions and tactical environments;
  • Shaping and/or interactive correction of indication formats;
  • Working out indicators controls;
  • Crew – Cockpit interaction logic through the cockpit controls;
  • Out-of-cockpit viewing (visual system);
  • Piloting and combat missions;
  • Monitoring over the simulation session/piloting actions (side view, phase trajectories, transients, etc.);
  • Correction of pilot’s control actions;
  • Introduction of failures;
  • Introduction of aerial and ground targets.

This complex consists of:

  • Mockup of the fighter cabin furnished with imitators of cockpit equipment and multi-functional displays (MFD);
  • Computer system for flight simulation and control;
  • Out-of-cockpit view system;
  • Acoustics simulation, voice messages, commands, etc.;
  • Research Engineer Workstation;
  • Voice communication headset;
  • Equipment mating interface and uninterrupted power supply units.

The computer system accommodates math models of the aircraft onboard equipment.

The three-channel projector visual system provides fields of view of 30°V by 110°H.

This research sim is a cooperative project of CSTS Dinamika, Sukhoi Design Bureau, and R.Е.Т.Kronshtadt, namely:

  • Sukhoi Design Bureau – the sim cockpit mockup;
  • R.Е.Т.Kronshtadt – visual system and MFD;
  • CSTS Dinamika – cockpit equipment and panels; equipment mating interface (EMI); computer system and software for aircraft flight dynamics; system integration and integration of the Su-27 math models, complex debugging, and after-sale service.
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