FACRI Research Simulator (China)

This 6-DOF motion platform research simulator was ordered by the Chinese Research Institute FACRI. The works were done by the AstraSim Ltd. and Trecom Ltd. (the two companies that afterwards merged into CSTS Dinamika) with methodological support of TsAGI.

The motion platform bears a workload up to 5.5t. The motion mechanism and oil pump are of Tompson-CSF origin; while the digital control unit, safety unit, self-check and system adjustment units are home-made.

The maximum linear travels reach 2m about each axis, maximum speeds ~ 0.8m/s, maximum accelerations ~ up to 1g. The three angular DOF parameters add up to ±30 degrees with the angular velocities of 22 deg/s.

The motion platform bears:

  • Pilot workstation equipped with the control panel and MFD;
  • 3-channel wide optics collimation visual system FOV (129ºH х 28ºV);
  • 2 workstations for research engineers.

Each research engineer workstation has three visual system displays, a monitor-repeater for the instrument panel data, an experiment control display and a set of control levers to assist the pilot or demonstrate aircraft maneuvering capability.

The local computer network comprises 7 PCs, a power supply unit, and a mobile ramp to board the crew into the cockpit.

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