Sukhoi Superjet 100 (RRJ) Research Simulator

CSTS Dinamika has completed works on the new research simulator aimed to support the development of the RRJ family (recently christened as Sukhoi SuperJet 100). This research simulator is built to the order of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Corporation (SCAC) and supposed to help them work out the coming airliner dynamics as well as its automatic and manual control systems.

This research simulator allows the following vitally important flight control assessments and decisions:

  • airliner’s handling qualities when piloted with the real levers and controls from crewmembers’ stations;
  • selecting an optimal ratio of automatic and manual control modes;
  • fly-by-wire configuration and parameters;
  • normal and emergency piloting procedures;
  • flight tests support;
  • certification testing support.

CSTS Dinamika has made the cockpit mockup furnished with controls imitators. The cockpit interior corresponds to the developer’s drawings and at the moment is being used by SCAC’s committee of experts. The controls imitators are to be replaced with the real ones as they become available at the developer’s.

This research sim offers a four-channel projector visual system and an in-house spherical screen with EPX-500 image generator by Evans & Sutherland to ensure a panoramic out-of-cockpit view of FOV 160ºH x 50ºV. The fifth channel is employed to show the airliner’s side view on the IOS’s monitor.

The computer complex comprises powerful COTS IBM-compatible computers while the modeling is done within the Matlab-Simulink medium.

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