PSPK-102 Research Simulator

This unique research sim was erected in TsAGI in 1983 when works on the national re-entry transport system Buran-Energy were in full swing.

PSPK-102 enabled a great deal of experiments and computational studies carried out with the involvement of pilots and test cosmonauts, including the Buran-Energy full-scale flight simulation, which proved to reproduce realistic flight conditions close to those of a real flight. Even today it is a powerful training facility which has no equal in Russia.

It’s been over ten years that CSTS Dinamika has taken up the handling, maintenance and upgrade of the PSPK-102 research sim.

The PSPK-102 motion platform research simulator offers high performances and enables a wide spectrum of studies into aircraft stability and controllability characteristics, refinement on the wheel control system as well as proper training of flying crews.

The PSPK-102 research sim incorporates a 6-DOF hydraulic motion system with a 1.8 m travel of each hydraulic actuator and hydrostatic supports.

The highly dynamic motion platform reproduces the linear and angular accelerations.

The maximum linear travel/speed/acceleration reached on the PSPK-102 motion platform adds up to:

  • Longitudinal travel: ± 1.75 m  /  1.5 m/с  / 7.0 m/s² ;
  • Lateral travel: ± 1.23 m / 1.1 m/s / 8.0 m/s² ;
  • Height: ±1.475 m / 1.3 m/s   / 7.0 m/s².

The maximum angular travel/speed/acceleration adds up to:

  • In roll: ±35.1 º / 30 º/с   / 230 º/s² ;
  • In pitch: ±37.8 º /   30 º/с / 230 º/s² ;
  • In yaw: ±60 º / 50 º/с / 260 º/s².  

This research sim’s cockpit is typical of an airliner, has a 4-channel optics collimation visual system with image generator to provide a field of view of FOV (80°H x 40° V) for each pilot.

The cockpit control wheel and pedals are loaded by the Fokker electric control loading system.

The host of the computer system keeps the aircraft math model and supplies data to the computers of all the simulator systems, namely the visual and display systems, controls loading system and motion platform.


The PSPK-102 research sim has been a great help at the development and elaborations made on the S-80, Тu-204, Тu-334, RRJ, Boeing, and IL-112 aircraft. 

Featuring really unique characteristics this simulator is still in active use. CSTS Dinamika operates the sim for their research work into the problems of aircraft stability and controllability as well as for training of crews.

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