PS-10M Research Simulator

To support the development of new generation fighters TsAGI along with CSTS Dinamika worked out a unique PS-10M engineering simulator that can solve a wide range of problems namely dynamics, control systems, ergonomics, training and support of flight tests, combat efficiency evaluation.

The system of visualization was made by Dinamika specialists in the network of PS-10M test bench modernization. It comprises the 8-channel spherical projector-screen visual system that provides extensive fields of view of 240°H x 140°V.

The 3D-perception graphical computers and home-made customized software enable a continuous uniform picture on the screen.

The cockpit is tailored from a nose section of a typical modern fighter.

The instrument panel is made according to the contemporary standards for aircraft control and navigation equipment. An electromechanical control loading system by Fokker is employed to load the central control lever.

The simulator is essential for new-generation fighters development.

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