PSMS-21 Engineering Simulator

CSTS Dinamika has deployed an engineering sim developed against order of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) to support research and development of the new MS-21 short / medium-range airliner family.

The basic possibilities:

  • control laws development for the FBW primary and standby control loops;
  • decision on FBW architecture and parameters;
  • standards flying procedures (taxiing, takeoff, climb, cruise flight, descent, approach and landing, landing run);
  • emergency procedures due to adverse environmental effects or technical failures;
  • flight tests and airliner certification support.

Geometrically, the sim is a full-size replica of the airliner cockpit equipped with two standard pilot seats. The dome-type display system is a 4-channel projector&screen complex with FOV of 180°H by 52°V. Image generation provides a visual scene striking dimensions of 250 km by 300 km and comprising 5 airfields.

This project has been made in cooperation with TsAGI, LLC Constanta-Design

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