Su-33 CBT

Training capabilities

Theoretical training of flying crews and maintenance engineers

  • adaptive training technology enables smooth submersion of pilots and maintenance engineers into the theory of the fighter piloting and maintenance down to the submachine level, assemblies and units including their purpose, configuration, layout, principles and modes of operation, as well as maintenance purposes and procedures;
  • individual training programs for pilots and maintenance engineers;
  • group training with smart technical aids;
  • automatic assessment of trainees progress;
  • quiz-editing capability for instructors;
  • curriculum planning capability including customization of training programs to match individual level of knowledge;
  • training session remote control capability;
  • database buildup capability for every registered user reflecting individual syllabus and progress;
  • training statistics enabling the instructor to better match individual training program to trainees level and progress;
  • training results documentation.


CBT-33 is an integral part of the Sukhoi Su-33 flight simulation training complex. Basic theoretical training followed by simulated flights on the Su-33 PTT and Su-33 FMS provide a comprehensive and universal training for the fighter pilots and maintenance engineers.

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