Su-24M CBT

Training Capabilities

  • acquiring theoretical knowledge of the aircraft equipment functions, components, location and operation principles;
  • individual or group training sessions with a video projection system;
  • automated progress assessment;
  • a capability for the instructors to plan the learning process and develop individual tasks;
  • automated remote control of the students activities;
  • creating and maintenance of the learning progress and results database;
  • analysis of results and adjustment of the learning process with consideration of the students individual needs.


The CBT is a part of integrated training aids for the Su24M aircrew and technical personnel of the Navy coast-based assault aviation.

State testing

The CBT has successfully passed state testing at the State Flight Testing Center (SFTC) named after V.P. Tchkalov.


The CBT was developed by CSTS Dinamika Ulyanovsk division.

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