Mi-28N CBT

 The CBT system is supposed for training and conversion training of flying crews and engineering personnel of the Mi-28N Havoc all-weather day and night attack helicopter. The most recent technologies and developments of CSTS Dinamika have been employed in this work.

The program simulator which is the key to the system includes animated tandem cockpits (the pilot’s and the navigator/weapons operator’s). The program simulator offers a capability of combat missions according to selected scenario and Flight Operation Manual. While developing the system, CSTS Dinamika’s specialists worked in close cooperation with the crews who had mastered the flying beast and whose advice was hence of crucial importance for the developers. A special attention was paid to operation and maintenance of the helicopter avionics BREO-28.

Training Capabilities
The CBT is intended for theoretical instruction of aircrews and technical personnel.
For aircrews, the CBT enables the following:
  • acquiring theoretical knowledge of the helicopter structure;
  •  reinforcing theoretical knowledge in operating on-board systems using a program simulator;
  • building initial competence and skills in completing combat missions, including those under non-routine flight conditions;
  • assessment of competence level.
For engineers and technical personnel:
  • acquiring theoretical knowledge of the helicopter equipment functions, components, location and operation principles;
  • studying the helicopter equipment adjustment and test procedures;
  • studying the helicopter maintenance practices.
The CBT was developed for joint use with the Mi-28N FMS as an integrated training aid to provide a full cycle of theoretical instruction and practical training for Mi28N aircrews.
State testing
The CBT has successfully passed state testing at the State Flight Testing Center (SFTC) named after V.P. Tchkalov.
The CBT was developed by CSTS Dinamika Ulyanovsk division.

Act № 26/109105-061  

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