Training Capabilities
The CBT is intended for classroom instruction of aircrews and technical personnel.
For aircrews, the CBT enables the following:
  • acquiring theoretical knowledge of the helicopter structure;
  • reinforcing theoretical knowledge in operating on-board systems using a program simulator;
  • building initial competence and skills in completing combat missions, including those under non-routine flight conditions;
  • assessment of competence level.
For engineers and technical personnel:
  • acquiring theoretical knowledge of the helicopter equipment functions, components, location and operation principles;
  • studying the helicopter equipment adjustment and test procedures;
  • studying the helicopter maintenance practices.
The CBT is based on a new methodology and technology platform that enables the following:
  • more interactive, dynamic and visually instructive representation of learning materials;
  • enhanced methodological capabilities in teaching flight operation and maintenance of the helicopter;
  • a capability that allows instructors to create their own test quiz databases.
The CBT was developed for joint use with the Mi-8MTV-5 Simulator as an integrated training aid to provide a full cycle of theoretical instruction and practical training for Mi-8MTV-5 aircrews.

State testing
The CBT has successfully passed state testing at the State Flight Testing Center (SFTC) named after V.P. Tchkalov.

The CBT was developed by CSTS Dinamika Ulyanovsk division.
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