• 10-21-2020

CSTS Dinamika: Celebrating 25 years of growth

In 2020, CSTS Dinamika, a company within Roctec's Technodinamika Holding, is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

The foundations of Dinamika's business date back to 1989, when a small group of researchers and engineers from TsAGI's Flight Dynamics and Flight Control Systems Department joined together to explore the development of new-generation flight simulation devices based on advanced digital technologies. When the new business entity was officially registered as CJSC CSTS Dinamika back in 1995, that group of experts became the company's intellectual core, contributing to Dinamika's projects their unique expertise stemming from TsAGI's decades-long science and engineering tradition.

Working in the industry for a quarter of a century now, Dinamika has completed over 300 projects in the development, manufacturing and upgrade of flight training systems for state-operated and civil aviation. Today our portfolio includes training and research simulators for 50 aircraft modifications and new-generation CBT systems for 23 aircraft modifications. Dinamika's simulators are successfully operated in 16 flight training centers in Russia and abroad. Our geographical footprint covers 50 cities across 10 countries. Headquartered in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, Dinamika enjoys office and manufacturing facilities that span over 18,000 square meters and has branches in Moscow, Ulyanovsk and St Petersburg.

"25 years in flight technologies is a major milestone for Dinamika. Over this period, the company has risen from just a handful of flight simulators in its portfolio to a well-established leadership in the Russian flight simulation industry. A full line of training products in serial manufacturing, training systems for almost all fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft designed in Russia – those are very impressive results and a solid proof of the company's unique experience and expertise. An anniversary is twice as meaningful when marked with real achievements," says Igor Nasenkov, General Director for Technodinamika Holding, regional supervisor for the Russian Mechanical Engineering Association Ulyanovsk and Penza Divisions and a member of the Russian Defense Industry Enterprises Support League.

Today's complex and rapidly evolving economic realities challenge us to diversify our business, actively exploring new areas, which include development of multipurpose unmanned aerial systems. Since our first undertaking in this area back in 2014, we have built a strong capability in conceptual design, prototyping and serial manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). To support their bench, ground and flight testing, Dinamika has established an in-house Flight Testing Facility now certified by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. In 2020 Dinamika launched a pilot batch of unmanned rotorcraft with takeoff weight over 300 kg. Exploring new activities, Dinamika continues to move ahead in its main line of business: Our order backlog today includes contracts for flight training devices, varying in complexity, to be delivered to national defense agencies, civil operators and foreign customers.

"Our main priority remains strong commitment to our contractual obligations," says Oleg Maksenkov, General Director for CSTS Dinamika,"We also understand the importance of growing our business while keeping such core values and traditions as professionalism, hard work and being reliable for our partners and customers. These values give us confidence and energy to undertake more ambitious projects".

Today CSTS Dinamika is widely recognized as a simulation technology competence center and one of Russia's largest providers of flight training products. Dinamika's manufacturing capability covers prototyping and serial manufacturing of a full line of technical training aids for state-operated and civil aviation, including the most complex motion-base simulators.

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