• 10-12-2020

CSTS Dinamika completes air defense CBT state testing

CSTS Dinamika, a company within Rostec's Technodinamika Holding, has completed state testing of a new Computer-based Training System (CBT) for the personnel to operate Dinamika's Air Defense Training System (ADTS) with UAV targets.

Besides instruction in the ADTS design and operation procedures, the new CBT can be used for theoretical and practical training over the entire bulk of the ADTS operation tasks. Based on the most advanced multimedia technologies, the CBT features extensive learning content (textual and graphical materials, dynamic models, animations, photos, videos and 3D models), which creates a highly immersive training environment.

The CBT provides individual and group classes, which can be conducted in an instructor-guided or self-study format, and offers software tools to support planning of the training process, filing of results, training database maintenance and evaluation of the trainees' knowledge.

"Technodinamika has been actively investing in unmanned aviation technologies for a while now, and today we enjoy unique experience in concept design, prototyping and manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles based on different aerodynamic configurations and intended for variety of applications", says Igor Nasenkov, General Director for Technodinamika Holding, regional supervisor for the Russian Mechanical Engineering Association Ulyanovsk and Penza Divisions and a member of the Russian Defense Industry Enterprises Support League, " CSTS Dinamika has recently opened an in-house Flight Testing Facility, now certified by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and is fully approved to organize and conduct flight testing activities, flight mission control and flight operations".

The experts of the RF MoD Chkalov State Flight Testing Center, who conducted the evaluation, confirmed the CBT's compliance with technical specifications and issued a recommendation for its serial manufacturing and state procurement.

Russia's leader in flight simulation, JSC CSTS Dinamika designs and manufactures an entire line of technical training aids for the personnel of state-operated and civil aviation. Over the recent years, Dinamika has been actively building skills in adjacent areas and creating new training products to prepare future operators for handling complex high-tech systems in different environments.

JSC CSTS Dinamika is a member of the Technodinamika Holding, one the major entities within the ROSTECH State Corporation.

We deliver advanced solutions in the design, manufacturing and after-sale support of a full line of S&T products for civil and military aircrews and maintenance personnel.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and components: Concept design, prototyping and manufacturing. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS): Design, manufacturing and flight testing. Simulators for UAV operators.

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