• 01-23-2007

CSTS Dinamika leads way in usage of licensed Sensor Vision Software in CIS

CSTS Dinamika and JC Systems Integration have announced successful completion of the first in the CIS contract for delivery of a licensed software package for (infrared) sensor vision. Using the program package, Dinamika has developed a night vision simulator for a series of night mission helicopters.

General Director of JC Systems Integration Eugeny Chernyakov says, “At the beginning of 2006, we agreed to supply Dinamika with a licensed package of Sensor Vision Software for a range of aircraft simulations. For the moment, this is the world’s best software application of the kind. We hope it will enable Dinamika, Russia’s leader in aircraft simulation, to add advanced visual features to its newest projects. Adequate sensor vision has been a lasting challenge, and we expect this software package will solve a number of problems for the simulator users. Thanks to accurately modeled infrared images on standard displays, it becomes possible to practice night missions and flights in adverse weather conditions, to train operators to recognize specific terrain elements by their infrared images and to solve many other problems of terrain representation using thermal vision. 

According to Andrey Byushgens, Chief Designer of CSTS Dinamika, “Simulation of night vision devices (i.e. Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and IR-imagers) is vital at the moment, because the very concept of modern military, multipurpose transport or rescue rotorcraft implies night mission modes. However, Russian software developers offer no ready-made solutions for this area. In fact, the American MultiGen-Paradigm, Inc., whose software products are distributed in the CIS and Baltic region by JC Systems Integration, provides the only real key to the problem. It should be noted that the software product in question is an instrument whereby users may quickly create own software tools for infrared and NVG vision. The software application contains wide capabilities of model-specific image adjustment for any NVG or IR-imager. For us, it is of great importance that our projects are developed using licensed software with the most advanced sensor vision capabilities to date. Besides that, using licensed software, our company contributes to protection of intellectual property in the sphere of high technology. By doing this, we secure our leading position in the Russian simulation industry, promote civilized market of aircraft simulators in Russia and improve our products’ quality and export potential.”

About JC Systems Integration

JC Systems Integration is a company with long-term success in development, installation and maintenance of real-time computer visual systems. The systems are used to create audio-visual environments with a variety of natural, technological, social, political, scientific and engineering processes simulated. This allows a manager to model processes with a possibility to consider and assess potential results at the stage of modeling, thus ensuring that the only correct decision is taken. This approach may help prevent ineffective spending of time, human and material resources. The personnel of JC Systems Integration will install and tweak hardware and software for high-quality real-time 3D visualization, develop visual databases and train the Customer’s staff.


About CSTS Dinamika

The Center for Scientific and Technical Services (CSTS) Dinamika was founded in 1989 with a view to development and manufacturing of a full suite of technical training aids for flight and engineering staff. Today the company is Russia’s leading developer and manufacturer of fixed and rotary wing aircraft simulators. Dinamika is proud to have developed full-mission simulators for fixed wing aircraft MiG-29, Su-33 and L-39 and helicopters Mi-24P, Mi-8/Mi-17 and Mi-24PN, research simulators for Sukhoi Civil Aircraft and Russian Aircraft Company “MiG”, computer-based trainers for Il-96–300, Be-200, Tu-204, etc. Usage of the most advanced technical aids, hardware and software components, accuracy and completeness of math models at the basis of Dinamika’s products and obligatory approval by state certification authorities – all these factors contribute to the company’s ability to build efficient new-generation simulators in compliance with current quality standards for flight personnel training.


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