• 03-16-2007

Russian Ministry of Defense to purchase Dinamika’s Mi-24P simulators

The Russian Ministry of Defense is planning to order Dinamika a series of simulators for the Mi-24P helicopter, which constitutes the backbone of Russia’s military aircraft fleet. Recently, Dinamika has been awarded a contract with the Ministry of Defense for the delivery of a full-mission Mi-24P simulator to be used by the Russian Air Force.

The simulator allows pilot training and proficiency assessment in a full range of day- and nighttime flight and daytime combat missions using standard airborne armaments. What sets the simulator apart is the precisely replicated configuration of both cockpits that provide a realistic environment for the crews to practice any tasks involving usage of airborne armaments. The simulator provides more than 90% of pilot training tasks.

With the State testing procedure successfully completed, the full-mission Mi-24P simulator has been approved for serial production.

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