• 03-15-2007

CSTS Dinamika: State tests for Mi-24PN part-task simulator completed

Dinamika’s part-task simulator of the Mi-24PN night assault helicopter has passed the State testing procedure. The simulator is designed to drill combat tasks of the helicopter, night missions included. Among the simulator’s outstanding features is its compatibility for joint operation with CBTs in computer training classes. The part-task simulator provides pilot training and proficiency assessment in handling the Mi-24PN flight and navigation equipment (FNE) and using the FNE for navigation/combat purposes. Developing the simulator, Dinamika’s engineers for the first time were able to successfully cope with such challenges as MFD simulation of external environment as sensed by Night Vision Goggles or infrared imager and simulation of nighttime cockpit illumination. As a result, Dinamika developed a unique night vision simulation technology, which has already enabled the company to manufacture efficient simulators for modern rotorcraft of any type.

The State testing procedure was administered by experts of the State Flight Test Center. The procedure included testing the simulator for compliance with the technical requirements specification, including those concerning initial FNE data entry, detection and identification of typical targets by their infrared images, position data reckoning by means of a satellite navigation system, generation of a two-dimensional electronic map and flight route planning, handling of guided and aimed missiles, cannons, etc. Besides that, the experts assessed the quality of flight dynamics modeling software, external vision software, etc.

The State testing procedure resulted in adoption of the part-task Mi-24PN simulator. Later this year the simulator is to be delivered to an Air Force Training Center in Torzhok.

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