• 03-12-2007

CSTS Dinamika: State tests for Mi-24P part-task simulator completed

Dinamika’s part-task simulator of the Mi-24P combat gunship has passed the State testing procedure. The simulator allows pilot training and proficiency assessment in a full range of day- and nighttime flight and daytime combat missions with standard airborne armaments in a realistic cockpit environment.

The State testing procedure was conducted by experts of the State Flight Test Center. The simulator was tested for compliance with the technical requirements specification relative to training capabilities in such areas as pre-flight procedures, piloting and position orienting in various weather conditions, using airborne armaments at any combat mission stage, operating the rotorcraft in non-routine conditions, etc.

Furthermore, the experts paid attention to the quality of software simulating flight dynamics, surveillance and aiming aids of the helicopter, dynamics of airborne armaments, external vision (i.e. reproduction of real objects and special effects), non-routine flight conditions, airborne equipment failures, etc.

Thanks to the experts’ high qualifications and knowledge of all the aircraft systems, the State testing helped enhance realism of the simulator performance. Besides that, the testing displayed efficiency of the simulator for training the Mi-24P pilots and maintaining their skills.

The full-mission Mi-24P simulator was authorized for service and is to be used in the Russian Army from this year on.

Having successfully passed State testing, the Mi-24P simulator received a recommendation for serial production.

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