• 09-28-2006

Completion statement signed on September 28 for full-mission Mi-17-1V simulator deployment in Mexico

On September 28, the Air Naval Training Center of Veracruz (Mexico) witnessed signing of a completion statement for installation and deployment of a full-mission Mil-17–1V helicopter simulator, developed by the Center for Scientific and Technical Services (CSTS) Dinamika in cooperation with the SPARC Company.

CSTS Dinamika and Saint-Petersburg Aircraft Repair Company (SPARC) completed a major joint project for delivery of a full-mission Mil-17–1V simulator to Mexico. The simulator had been developed within the framework of the Russia – Mexico Interstate Agreement signed by Vladimir Putin and Vicente Fox in June 2004. Dinamika designed the simulator by request of and in cooperation with the SPARC Company for the Training Center, where pilots from Mexico and other Latin-American countries will be qualified. The Training Center was part of the Russian-Mexican project for Helicopter Maintenance and Overhaul Center construction in Veracruz, realized by Russian companies Rosoboronexport and SPARC in cooperation with the Mexican Foncar. The project was Russia’s first opportunity to sell its most advanced professional aeronautical education and training technologies abroad.

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