• 03-15-2006

CSTS Dinamika: Two research simulators stands developed for MiG-29K carrier program

CSTS Dinamika has completed development of two research flight simulators stands, designed and manufactured on the order of the Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" Engineering Center in the support of the MiG-29K carrier program.

The flight dynamics simulator stand is intended for the following functionality:

-         control system simulation;

-         optimization of data display systems (MFD, HUD);

-         selection of load parameters for control levers;

-         support of flight testing.

For the above purposes, the simulator is equipped with the following:

-           optical-collimator visual system with a 160°Н ´ 30°V field of view (FOV);

-           electromechanical control loading system;

-           display system, based on 3 reprogrammable MFDs and a HDU. Special research features are ensured by the following software tools:

·         FlightSim, which creates and updates flight dynamics models;

·         Desksim, which generates and updates flight and navigation data display pages for the MFDs and HUD.

This engineering control system simulator is now under acceptance testing in the Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG".

The research sim for real aircraft equipment includes a computer system that realizes the MiG-29K aerodynamics model (independently or in conjunction with heavy aircraft carrier "Gorshkov") and flight and navigation data display algorithms.

The visual system is a 6-channel display system with a cylindrical screen and a FOV of 120°H ´ 60°V. The system is equipped with connectors per ARINC/Multiplex, whereby it may be mated to a real airborne digital system.

Currently, deployment and adjustment phase for the full-size MiF-29K avionics simulator is nearing completion in Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG".

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