• 08-08-2006

CSTS Dinamika on the exhibition IDELF 2006

CSTS Dinamika took part in the International Defense Exhibition of Land Forces (IDELF 2006) which was held in Moscow and Moscow Region on the 2 – 6 of august.

On the exposition presented on the IDELF 2006 by the Central administrative board of combat training of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation, company CSTS Dinamika showed part task simulator of a front-line aviation gunlayer. This simulator is a part of complex of technical elements which is used to give a work-out to coordination of commanders of land forces with aviation for pointing and correction of weapon blow upon the ground targets. The distinctive feature of this part task simulator developed by CSTS Dinamika is that part task and full mission simulators of different aircraft can be used as pilot work place. It allows extending the ways of training air crews of both planes and helicopters and front-line aviation gunlayers of land forces thanks to the opportunity of giving the work out to tactical coordination. Particularly in this simulator presented on the exhibition the variant of co-education of tactical coordination tasks of front-line aviation gunlayer and air-crew of Mi-24 is realized. Mi-24 is the main type of helicopter that provides the aviation support of land forces.

Nowadays Dinamika is one of the leading companies in Russia in the sphere of aviation simulators. CSTS Dinamika is designing a new trend by integrating developments into brand new tactical training systems. The training complex of a front-line aviation gunlayer presented in the context of IDELF 2006 as a part of the system of technical means for training Land Forces is a good example of such integration.

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