• 08-04-2006

Second development phase for SukhoiSuperJet 100 (RRJ) avionics integration research sim visualization system completed

On August 4, the second phase of visualization system development for the RRJ avionics integration research sim was successfully accepted in CSTS Dinamika. The new research sim, known as the “Electronic bird”, is now being built by Dinamika on the order of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) as a part of the RRJ aircraft family development project (SukhoiSuperJet 100).

Importantly though, the meeting resulted in Acceptance Statement signoff for the second development phase, which included design and installation of the visualization system hardware and software tools, as well as preparation of operation and maintenance documents.

The third development phase, which is to conclude the project, will cover qualifying the SCAC staff to work with MultiGenVegaPrime, a software tool used to generate virtual scenes at any complexity level, and MultiGenCreator, a 3D modeler optimized for real-time applications.

Development of the RRJ research sim visualization system is the second large-scale joint project Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company has launched in collaboration with Dinamika. The first project, which concerned designing an engineering simulator for the RRJ-family aircraft project, was successfully finalized last March.

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