• 03-02-2006

CSTS Dinamika to complete works on RRJ family research simulator

March 2÷3, 2006. The Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) and CSTS Dinamika carried out acceptance testing of the research sim the latter had developed and manufactured to support SCAC’s works on flight dynamics and control system for the new family of Russian Regional Jet (RRJ).  

This research sim is designed to enable

- evaluation of FBW airplane handling qualities (the cockpit is equipped with the real control levers such as control stick, pedals, engine throttle lever, etc.);

- deciding on optimum ratio of automatic and manual control modes;

- FBW system architecture and parameters;

- working out piloting procedures for normal flight conditions and emergency situations;

- flight testing support;

- airliner certification support.

The visual system is a four-channel one with a spherical screen and Evans&Sutherland’s image generator EPX-500 to enable a panoramic view of 160° in azimuth by  50° in elevation. The fifth visual channel is engaged to display the aircraft side view on the Research Engineer Station monitor.

The acceptance board highly appraised this new research facility and cooperation between the two companies and set great store by employment of modern simulation technologies at the design phase of RRJ family development. Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company’s acceptance board are satisfied with the quality of works which have been done efficiently, in time and full-scale.

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