• 01-29-2005

The Ministry of Defence delegation came on a visit to our Company

Military training is a topical problem and demanding requirement of the Russian Military authorities. Advanced training facilities are of paramount importance for maintaining combat readiness and survival ability. The military are keen on introducing state-of-the-art flight simulators to replace obsolete equipment, which is not often helpful but even harmful to use in training today.

The visit started with a review of the premises and a summary on the company’s 15-year history from its initiation in 1989 to today’s leading-edge position and recognised status. Our Chief Designer Dr. Andrew Biouchgens took the delegation around the workshops and laboratories to show simulators both ready for delivery to the customers and those still under development. The product range covers the entire range from computer-based training facilities to the highest-level beasts and research simulators.

The military commanders put it straight: the need for re-equipping the AF Training Centers is urgent. Among others players, CSTS Dinamika is chosen to help solve this problem and supply the flying military with our highly realistic training facilities. The MoD First Deputy Colonel-General A.V.Belousov was pleased to see their high reliability and to learn that CSTS Dinamika has gained the upper hand in the Russian competition for the first full mission simulator of the combat and transport helicopters.
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