• 10-29-2020

CSTS Dinamika completes ADTS-UAV state testing

CSTS Dinamika (member of Rostec's Technodinamika Holding) has successfully completed state testing of its new Air Defense Training System with UAV targets (ADTS-UAV). Among other applications, the ADTS-UAV can be used to imitate low-speed UAVs and helicopters when testing new weapon prototypes or upgraded weapon systems.

To verify compliance with design specifications, the ADTS and its components had to pass preliminary factory testing and in-flight development evaluations. Those were followed by State Testing Stage 1 to obtain clearance for a pilot batch. For the procedure's final stage, the ADTS had to travel to the RF MoD Chkalov Flight Testing Center to be evaluated in full-payload flight by the Center's seasoned experts. Flight operations support during the state testing procedure was provided by the team of Dinamika's in-house Flight Testing Facility.

Already holding its position in the Russian market as a leading flight simulator manufacturer, CSTS Dinamika took a first shot at exploring unmanned technologies back in 2014, when commissioned with designing a concept for a future unmanned aerial system with Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) capabilities. Working in cooperation with numerous industry partners, Dinamika was able to build unique experience and expertise in UAV concept design, prototyping and manufacturing. As soon as 2015 Dinamika was awarded a major contract for the development of an air defense training system (ADTS) with a suite of unmanned decoys – fixed- and rotary-wing UAVs, varying in weight and size. In 2019 Dinamika opened an in-house Flight Testing Facility to conduct bench, ground and flight tests of unmanned systems and their components. When the ADTS was cleared for a pilot batch, Dinamika could launch its first UAV series. To begin serial manufacturing, Dinamika put into operation a new production hall with facilities to carry out UAV assembly and integration.

"Successful state testing of the air defense training system with UAV targets is a serious milestone for this member of the Technodinamika Holding. The rotary-wing UAVs designed for the ADTS have significant upgrade potential, which means CSTS Dinamika can put this experience to use and continue building and testing new UAV prototypes for a wide range of civil and military applications," says Igor Nasenkov, General Director for Technodinamika Holding, regional supervisor for the Russian Mechanical Engineering Association Ulyanovsk and Penza Divisions and a member of the Russian Defense Industry Enterprises Support League.

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