• 01-21-2020

CSTS Dinamika completes large-scale R&D in flight simulation and training

CSTS Dinamika has completed a large-scale R&D project commissioned by the RF Ministry of Defense to have the most advanced S&T technologies implemented in a new generation of technical training aids.

Initiated in 2015, this R&D project has yielded a total of 30 prototypes for a diverse range of future flight training products, some previously unavailable from domestic manufacturers. Such new products include motion-base simulators of the highest complexity level for the Mi-28N, Mi-8MTV-5-1, Mi-8AMTSh, Ka-226.80, Mi-26 and Ansat-U helicopters.

These future products enjoy enhanced training capabilities made possible by the use of cutting-edge solutions and technologies including:

  • verified high-fidelity math models to represent aircraft dynamics;

  • state-of-the-art electromechanical motion systems (today universally recognized as the best technical solution for flight simulation);

  • visual systems delivering unprecedented image quality;

  •  high-performance structures (almost 100% composite material);

  • virtual reality technologies.

"With the unique industrial cooperation experience and new competencies obtained in the course of this work, we can now undertake any project, however complex, and keep up with the most stringent international standards", says Oleg Maksenkov, General Director for CSTS Dinamika. "Certainly, Dinamika's team cannot take all the credit for this project's impressive results. They were a collaborative effort with the experts of the RF Airspace Force, State Defense Order Implementation Department, Chkalov State Flight Testing Center and other agencies within the RF MoD. However, the important thing is that the Customer is finally getting cutting-edge training equipment to efficiently support a wide range of training tasks for military aviation personnel".

Each of the prototype Integrated Training Complexes (ITC) for the Mi-28N, Mi-8AMTSh and Mi-8MTV-5-1 helicopters includes a motion-base Full Mission Simulator (FMS), forward air controller (FAC) trainer, tactical environment simulation system and CBTs for flight and maintenance personnel. Each of the Mi-26, Ka-226.80 and Ansat-U ITCs includes a motion-base FMS and CBTs for flight and maintenance personnel. The Mi-26 FMS is provided with an important optional feature – the Sling Load Trainer for external load operators.

All the components within an ITC (e.g. simulators, CBT systems, etc.) can function jointly or as standalone training devices.

Besides the new ITCs, the project also included the following systems:

  • Multipurpose Simulator Complex for Initial Flight Training (MSC IFT) that enables multi-level joint exercises for military school cadets in training for different single/coaxial rotor helicopters;

  • 3DOF motion platform with an electrical actuator to deliver translational motions and accelerations simulating helicopter vibrations;

  • Integrated Ground Training Management System that provides air regiment officers with efficient tools for planning, administration and documenting of the combat training process.

All the prototypes designed and built within the framework of this project have passed state testing with recommendations for serial manufacturing issued by the experts from the Chkalov State Testing Center who conducted all the evaluations.

According to the Air Force Central Scientific Research Institute Research Center, RF MoD (former 30th RF AF Central Scientific Research Institute), due to the advanced S&T technologies and solutions adopted in this R&D, the resulting flight simulators can offer a training capability to exceed that of any similar systems currently in service by at least 55%. Comprehensive use of these simulators over the entire range of typical training tasks can raise the training capability index (percentage of tasks efficiently covered by a simulator) to a level that can lead to an increase in crew proficiency equivalent to ≈70% additional flight time in real aircraft.

Back in 2010 CSTS Dinamika pioneered in the Russian military S&T market with an innovative approach to the development of military flight training aids. What we proposed was a transfer from standalone simulator installations to the development of integrated training complexes that can comprise various combinations of CBT systems, simulators of varying complexity levels, simulated workstations for ground operators that may communicate with the crew during flight missions ‑ all operating in a virtual world created by a tactical environment simulation system.

In 2010-2018 Dinamika built such complexes with fixed-base FMS for multiple helicopters and airplanes (Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-8AMTSh, Mi-8MTV-5, Mi-17V-5, Mi-171Sh, Il-78M, MiG-31BM, Su-30SM and Su-34). Dinamika's first ITC with a motion-base simulator dates back to 2018, when a complex like that was built for the personnel of the RF Navy Ka-27M helicopters.

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