• 01-10-2020

CSTS Dinamika completes Ka-226.80 ITC state testing

CSTS Dinamika has completed state testing of an Integrated Training Complex (ITC) for the RF AF flight and maintenance personnel operating the small twin-engine utility helicopter Ka-226.80, which can be used as a transport or trainer aircraft.

The new ITC was built within the framework of a large-scale R&D effort conducted to develop and implement advanced flight simulation technologies for a new generation of Technical Training Aids (TTA). The ITC's key components enjoy enhanced training capabilities made possible by the use of cutting-edge solutions and technologies including verified high-fidelity math models to represent aircraft dynamics, state-of-the-art motion systems, visual systems delivering unprecedented image quality, high-performance structures made with composite materials, virtual reality technologies, etc,

The ITC delivers the following training tasks:

  • theoretical and practical training for flight and maintenance crew;

  • flight crew simulator training;

  • proficiency evaluations to verify operational readiness of the Ka-226.80 personnel.

The ITC includes the following components:

  • motion-base Ka-226.80 Full Mission Simulator (Ka-226.80 FMS);

  • computer-based training (CBT) systems for flight and maintenance personnel;

  • flight data recording and objective control system (FDR-OCS).

State testing of the Ka-226.80 ITC to confirm its compliance with design specifications was conducted by seasoned pilots, navigators and engineers from the Chkalov State Testing Center. On completion of the testing procedure, the approval board signed all the required state testing protocols for the ITC and its components, which can also be operated as standalone devices.

Back in 2010 CSTS Dinamika pioneered in the Russian military S&T market with an innovative approach to the development of military flight training aids. What we proposed was a transfer from standalone simulator installations to the development of integrated training complexes that can comprise various combinations of CBT systems, simulators of varying complexity levels, simulated workstations for ground operators that may communicate with the crew during flight missions ‑ all operating in a virtual world created by a tactical environment simulation system.

In 2010-2018 Dinamika built such complexes with fixed-base FMS for multiple helicopters and airplanes (Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-8AMTSh, Mi-8MTV-5, Mi-17V-5, Mi-171Sh, Il-78M, MiG-31BM, Su-30SM and Su-34). Dinamika's first ITC with a motion-base simulator dates back to 2018, when a complex like that was built for the personnel of the RF Navy Ka-27M helicopters.

JSC CSTS Dinamika is a member of the Technodinamika Holding, one the major entities within the ROSTECH State Corporation.

We deliver advanced solutions in the design, manufacturing and after-sale support of a full line of S&T products for civil and military aircrews and maintenance personnel.

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