• 12-24-2019

CSTS Dinamika builds CBT for Mi-26 maintenance crews

CSTS Dinamika has completed state testing of a new Computer-based Training (CBT) system for initial theoretical training of the Mi-26 technical personnel (Mi-26 TP CBT).

Conducted by seasoned experts from Chkalov Flight Testing Center, the state testing procedure was to verify the prototype's compliance with its design specifications. In particular, the experts focused on evaluating the new CBT's software and testing its many capabilities for individual and group training with the use of video projection, training plan building, progress assessment, etc. The state testing procedure was finalized with a recommendation for serial manufacturing of the Mi-26 TP CBT.
The CBT was built within the framework of a large-scale project carried out to introduce advanced technologies to the development of training systems for aviation personnel.

The Mi-26 TP CBT will enable trainee maintenance teams to study various aspects pertaining to the helicopter's main systems (including their functions, components, layout, operation, testing and tuning) along with appropriate maintenance practices. The CBT's training management capabilities include such important features as training data storage, database maintenance to track training results and self-test materials for each of the course's sections. The CBT includes a server, trainee stations, instructor operator station, software package, video projection complex and LAN equipment. The CBT offers a highly realistic training environment with extensive textual and graphical materials, dynamic models, animations, multimedia content (photo, video and audio) and 3D models.

The CBT can be operated as a part of the Mi-26 ITC (an integrated complex supporting the entire theoretical and simulator training cycle for the Mi-26 personnel) or as a standalone training product.
Dinamika's interest in new-generation CBTs dates back to 2000, when a new business division was launched to design training systems that would combine electronic media content with simulation capabilities. Since then, we have been constantly improving our CBT technology, and today it is fully integrated into our unified technological cycle for the design and manufacturing of training systems for various aviation personnel categories.

Complexity-wise, CBTs are at the very beginning of Dinamika's current product line, which tops off with the most sophisticated motion-base simulators. Dinamika's CBT systems have a unique quality to them, both in terms of training methodology and technical characteristics. Our CBTs present training materials in a structured, informative and easy-to-grasp manner, which guarantees thorough understanding of the aircraft systems and operation procedures, while extensive use of interactive technologies ensures high levels of trainee involvement.
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