• 12-04-2019

CSTS Dinamika's first motion-base Mi-26 FMS

CSTS Dinamika has built Russia's first motion-base Mi-26 Full Mission Simulator (Mi-26 FMS). Freshly approved by state testing, the Mi-26 FMS is intended for aircrew initial and recurrent training in the wide range of tasks delivered by the world's heaviest and most powerful helicopter.

The motion-base Mi-26 FMS was commissioned by the RF MoD within the framework of a large-scale R&D project in advanced flight training technologies.

The motion-base simulators enable a series of specific training tasks with a level of realism that cannot be attained in fixed-base devices. Such tasks include taxiing, takeoff and landing, day and night (under normal visibility of the taxiway, helipad, landmarks and markings or with the use of available night start aids), fights under automatic and manual control, VFR and IFR operations, etc.

Besides realistic motion cues, the Mi-26 FMS delivers another important capability – an external load operator trainer. Sling load missions present a much more complex task than cabin cargo transportation and require more precise piloting techniques. Consequently, the model to simulate a helicopter with an external load has to cover the sling load's own spatial motion and its effect on the helicopter dynamics. Dinamika implemented its first external load trainer as far back as 2004. Successfully integrated in a series of helicopter simulators, this optional trainer has seen multiple upgrades since then. Thus, the external load trainer has been fitted to the Mi-8MTV FMS delivered to the Pushkino Aerial Forest Protection Training Center (Avialesookhrana). Other simulators featuring this option include HTP Ostrava's Mi-171 FTD and the Nicaraguan Air Force Mi-17V-5 FMS.

Based on a full-dome multi-channel projection complex, the FMS visual system covers a FOV from -50° to + 30° vertically and ±95° horizontally, generating visuals for an area of at least 250 km × 250 km. The system provides photorealistic rendering of the out-the-window environment, including visible terrain, moving and stationary objects in the air and on the ground, under various weather conditions, day and night, various type of clouds, etc.

The FMS instructor operator station (IOS) is a standardized structural module that provides organization, management and monitoring of the learning process. In particular, the IOS allows the instructor to set the training scenario, carry out continuous video monitoring of the trainees' actions, update current exercise parameters in-session, perform debriefing and document training results.

The simulator can function as part of an Integrated Training Complex (ITC) or autonomously, as an independent training device.

State testing of the Mi-26 FMS to confirm the prototype's compliance with its technical and performance specifications was conducted by seasoned experts from the Chkalov State Testing Center. The state testing resulted in an approval of the FMS with a recommendation for serial manufacturing.

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