• 10-31-2019

CSTS Dinamika builds 3DOF motion system

CSTS Dinamika has completed state testing of an electrical actuator-based 3DOF motion system. A first design effort of the kind for Dinamika, the system was built for a large-scale R&D project to develop and implement cutting-edge technologies for Integrated Training Complexes (ITC) with motion-base helicopter simulators.

Unlike the more conventional 6DOF motion systems, which provide translational and rotational motions and accelerations about the aircraft's 3 axes, the 3DOF system delivers linear motion and acceleration cues to replicate helicopter vibrations. Thus, the platform simulates vibrations typical of various flight stages (engine start and run-up, taxiing, in-flight acceleration, flight at speed limits) and conditions (air turbulence, vortex ring, icing, etc.).

The 3DOF motion system is basically a vibration platform driven in real-time by special algorithms utilizing helicopter motion inputs from the simulator's computer complex. The platform enjoys a unified design that can be compatible with simulators for a variety of helicopter types.

For state testing, the 3DOF vibration platform was integrated with the components of a Mi-8MTV-5-1 FMS. The testing confirmed the platform's compliance with its technical and performance specifications, and the procedure was finalized with a recommendation for serial manufacturing.
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